6. Okay. This is a non-Copenhagen thought.

    "Herring under fur" was the translation of a neon pink dish in the Moscow airport we festered in before the Copenhagen times began. My mind wandered a bit. 


  7. Over the summer,  I went to Copenhagen, had a time, had some thoughts kept a diary of sorts, and then began to have non-Copenhagen times and non-Copenhagen thoughts.

    Here are some not non-Copenhagen thoughts. 

  8. Oh, well, speaking of notable buildings. 

    A few weeks ago, also, I illustrated some notable buildings in the South Side


  9. And some notable buildings.

    Apartments and hospitals and roads that Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes touched with their feet. 

  10. I just got back from the first show of Plath/Hughes, a musical about the relationship of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughesthat I helped to design. For the past four weeks, I have been slinking through the crevasses of libraries looking for yellowed photographs, pasting together a paper cat, and drawing, drawing, drawing. Tonight, when all came together, when I crouched in a paper corner and clicked at each slide, my eyes did get markedly moist. (Apparently, though, I was very much not alone.)

    Here are some of the pictures that I drew for the show.