1. koreindian:


    family conversations that irk my brother, the batman fan

    Disappointing lack of “bat’man

    My napkin drawing from that night says otherwise:

    (‘Bat’man: “hey guys, how’s it… hanging?”)

  2. family conversations that irk my brother, the batman fan

  5. hi

    i have not disappeared forever—but sorry about disappearing for a sizable bit.

  6. In which I make a movie in two days with five people and one peanut-butter drenched daffodil.

  7. Some inky pursuits have been for the sake of The Clouds, or my attempt to make every student consider how similar “thunderclap sounds to fart and crap.”

    It may have also been my excuse to deface a stage with dozens of stolen cookies. 

    This here is Clarence W., sixth year graduate student at The Thinkery. When he isn’t working on his dissertation on the depths of Hades, Clarence enjoys neglecting meals, swatting at fleas, and playing martial anapest rhythms at the local lute society.

    Now Clarence is my roommate, along with one Randall P. It’s a bit crowded. 

  9. http://southsideweekly.com/brushing-up/

    (ah, there have been many inky pursuits that I have neglected documenting in this particular ether.)